A design project can involve a number of professionals, making it difficult to predict when and where a problem might occur. But when it does, a costly and time-consuming lawsuit is likely to follow. Professional liability insurance is available to help protect against this risk.

Professional liability insurance is an important risk management tool for professionals across the design industry, and not just those in the most prominent roles. When you have the right coverage against professional errors and omissions, it means you can stand behind your work with confidence and help protect the future of your career.

The Lockton Affinity Architect + Engineer Program now offers tailored coverage to protect a wide range of design professionals. Here’s what to know about our coverage.

Which Design Professions Are Eligible for Our Coverage

Whether you sketch plans or pour concrete, there’s a risk you could face a lawsuit. Coverage is readily available to help protect these eligible professions:


When you lead projects through design and project planning, there are multiple opportunities for a mistake to be made. Lawsuits against architects are even possible in the months and years after a project’s completion. Insurance protects both you and your clients from future litigation.

Civil Engineering

If an incident or accident occurs that involves the project’s structure, the civil engineer in charge is likely to face litigation. Though the fault may eventually be determined to lie with the architect, builder or even the client, insurance provides the means to defend yourself against such claims.

Construction Management

Representing the owner’s interest in a complex project is fraught with risk. Problems involving the project’s work, schedule, budget, safety and security can all result in a lawsuit being brought against the construction manager. The proper insurance helps protect you if such a claim arises.


With design-build project delivery growth accelerating, the potential for lawsuits is increasing. As the only entity overseeing a project’s cost, schedule and performance, any problems could spell trouble for your firm. Professional liability coverage helps you better manage these risks.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers face risks from a variety of tasks, including when designing electrical systems, overseeing contractors, conducting testing and ensuring regulatory compliance. An issue could result in a lawsuit, which makes insurance important for protecting your career.

HVAC Engineering

Risks are elevated for HVAC engineers when clients rely on your work to ensure occupant comfort and minimize hazards such as mold, flood and fire. System defects, project design flaws and poor maintenance can all lead to claims, requiring the proper insurance for your defense.

Interior Design

Projects involving interior design often have strict timelines and materials and design requirements that increase the risk of a lawsuit. Insurance is important for defending against claims of delays, unapproved changes, materials substitutions or failure to deliver.

Landscape Architect

Working with landscapes carries its own unique set of risks, from hardscape failures, to flooding fires and safety hazards. Landscape architects can be blamed for incorrect professional advice, poor execution, cost overruns and more. Insurance coverage provides much needed protection.

Mechanical Engineering

A mechanical engineer’s duties may span several different stages of a project, increasing the risk of a claim. A lawsuit is likely if there is an issue with a building’s layout, construction components or mechanical systems. Insurance coverage helps shield you from the risk.


In surveying, measurements must be consistently accurate to within fractions of an inch or degree. Insurance can help protect you from the risk of error-producing practices, incorrect data or information and unclear or incomplete field notes that can lead to costly litigation.

Why You Should Consider Coverage for Your Design Business

No matter what role you and your firm play within the design industry, you face certain risks that can lead to a lawsuit. Often, such lawsuits can happen even when you have done everything right. The cost of defending against a design industry lawsuit can be high, and settlements and judgements are even higher. Professional liability insurance helps protect you.

Coverage is designed to help cover certain costs, such as legal fees, judgements or settlements, when you are accused of professional negligence. Because the design industry faces unique risks, industry-specific coverage is a must.

With Professional Liability Insurance from Lockton Affinity Architect + Engineer, you get access to competitive coverage at the best prices. Our program is designed specifically for the risks you face as a design professional, with additional benefits such as:

  • Complimentary contract reviews for every project
  • Disabled partner contingency replacement coverage
  • Your say on settlements, with no “hammer clause”
  • Discounts available with professional memberships

Plus, our commitment to best-in-class customer service means you can quickly request a quote, apply for coverage and get help answering your coverage questions. Request your indication today to find out what our coverage will look like for you.