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Good Communication Cuts Risk for Designers

Architects are often held in high esteem by new potential clients, who understand that professional design entails a high degree of skill in science, art and technology. Yet for many clients, that’s where the understanding ends. Without consistent attention to good communication during the design process, misunderstandings can creep in, leading to hard feelings and, [...]

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Architecture Client Screening Best Practices

When it’s practiced consistently, good client screening can reduce the risk of taking on a problem client or working on a project outside your firm’s areas of expertise. No architect, engineer or other design professional wants to get bogged down chasing unpaid bills or trying to attend to the needs of a high-maintenance client. With [...]

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How Wage and Hour Laws Can Pose a Significant Risk for Architects

The Risk of Wage and Hour Laws for Architects Architects and architectural firms are becoming increasingly aware of wage and hour claims, which are among the most typical legal challenges they may confront in their careers. These allegations are dangerous because employers must guarantee that they are following federal, state and even municipal laws. Employers [...]

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Wire Transfer Safety for Architecture Firms

Architecture firms oversee the transfer of large sums of money for projects. That makes you a prime target for funds transfer fraud. Here are the best practices for wire transfer safety. Wire Fraud Risks When a criminal inserts themselves into a transaction involving the transfer of large sums of money, it’s called fraud. When they [...]

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15 Types of Architecture Clients and the Risks They Present

Architecture clients can be difficult in more ways than one. From the indecisive client to the one worried about the budget or obsessed with the timeline, many design professionals have seen it all. The issue of difficult clients is such a common experience that ArchDaily has featured a humorous cartoon on the topic: 15 Clients [...]

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Why Architects Should Beware of Implied Warranties

As a design professional, it’s important to know exactly what risks you face in the location that you practice. Implied warranties are a risk in some jurisdictions and can have major consequences. Under an expanded liability, an implied warranty can change who can bring a claim against you and what damages they may recover. Without [...]

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4 Risks for Architects (and How to Protect Against Them)

Architects must manage countless risks, day in and day out. Yet most of the exposures you deal with will tend to fall into only a few broad categories. You may be in the habit of dealing with each individual situation as it arises, but that can be tedious and frustrating. Instead, it can be beneficial [...]

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Best Practices for Architects Facing a Lawsuit

Architecture is a profession where the stakes are high. If there’s a problem on a project that can’t be easily resolved, a lawsuit is likely. For architects facing a lawsuit for the first time, the situation can be unnerving. It’s helpful to know what to do and when to do it ahead of time, before [...]

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How Problematic Clients Can Lead to Claims

If you have a bad feeling about a client, it may be better to listen to your gut and pass on the job. That’s because working with problematic clients puts you at higher risk of a claim. Professional liability claims involve lawsuits that often put your business and personal assets at risk and can cause [...]

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Top 3 Risks of Green Building Performance Standards

A green revolution is sweeping the country, with carbon neutrality, net-zero energy and other initiatives making their way throughout various industries, including architecture. Yet the risks of green building performance standards are numerous, posing new challenges for you and your firm. Green building performance standards are regulations that require a completed building to meet certain [...]

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