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4 Risks for Architects (and How to Protect Against Them)

Architects must manage countless risks, day in and day out. Yet most of the exposures you deal with will tend to fall into only a few broad categories. You may be in the habit of dealing with each individual situation as it arises, but that can be tedious and frustrating. Instead, it can be beneficial [...]

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Contingency Planning Tips for Architects

Fire exits are an important contingency when designing a building, even though you hope no one will ever have to use them. Contingency planning for your own professional design business works much the same way. Even though you hope you’ll never need it, it’s important to have a plan in place in case you suddenly [...]

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Insurance Terms for Architects and Engineers to Know

Learning about professional liability insurance can be time consuming when your specialty is architecture, engineering or another design field. Many of the insurance terms and conditions you'll come across don't come up in everyday conversation, meaning sometimes it feels like you're reading a different language. Understanding a policy's terminology is important for feeling confident about [...]

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